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Nominate for an Award


The journalistic content—text, audio, broadcast, video or graphics—must be published or aired to the public.

  • Open to United States news media in the form of print, broadcast, radio or digital. Freelance journalists are eligible.
  • Published or broadcast between Jan. 1, and Dec. 31. A series is eligible, but all content must be completed within the eligibility date range.
  • Collaborations are eligible for entry and count as one submission.
  • Journalists, a team of journalists, organizations or collaborations can be nominated for up to two entries.

How to Submit

Applicants for the Dan Rather Medals submit their work directly online via the submission portal, beginning Jan. 1, 2024, through Jan. 31, 2024. Team entries must indicate a project team lead for contact.

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What to Submit

  • A single news story or up to three dated pieces in a series.
  • If the entry is a series, you may upload up to three installments/episodes for review by the judges, in chronological order.
  • A brief statement (up to 600 words) describing how the content meets the selection criteria of overcoming extraordinary conditions in reporting.
  • All materials are submitted online through the Dan Rather Medals submission form. If materials are not available via URL and materials (in pdf, mp3., mp4., or mov. format) need to be uploaded, please carefully read the upload instructions below.

Upload Instructions

Please read the upload instructions carefully. All materials for one nomination should be uploaded as ONE zip folder. The total size of your folder before you compress it must not exceed 100MB.

Step 1. Name your files
  • Each story should be named using the nominee name in the following manner: Jane Doe story_1.pdf, Jane Doe story_2.pdf etc.
  • Each video/podcast should be name using the nominee name followed by Video_1, Video_2:Jane Doe video_1, Jane Doe video_2 etc.
  • Each audio/podcast should be name using the nominee name followed by Audio_1, Audio_2:Jane Doe audio_1, Jane Doe audio_2 etc.
Step 2. Once you have the materials ready for upload, place them in a folder with the nominee name. Then compress this folder into a zip file and you are ready to upload using the box upload button.
Step 3. Upload your zip file.
PLEASE NOTE: Box will not accept your folder unless it is compressed into a zip file. Remember that the total size of your folder before you compress it must not exceed 100MB.

If you are having issues uploading? Please contact Liesbeth Demaer